Search engines rank websites based on a number of factors, one of which is the domain name or url of the website. If a legal practice in Toronto was expanding their web presence, the organization should look for domain names like or Working the firm’s specialty into the domain name leads to more beneficial search engine results, for example or At first, the website will sink into the milieu of pages related to legal practices in one of Canada’s major cities, but the ranking will improve as other law firm search engine optimization techniques are implemented. Legal Marketing Guide recommends finding a full service web firm to buy a domain and develop the web presence because the next steps can be extremely difficult. Obvious SEO techniques like posting articles filled with keywords or posting links to the website on legal blogs actually hurt the linked page’s ranking. Unrelated advertising, or spam, lead Google to punish the websites or ban them entirely. Even if Google’s web crawlers miss the flooding, these tactics damage the website’s reputation.

Another essential factor is the keywords you choose to focus your SEO on. When people type certain words into the search box, it brings up certain search results. Which search words do you think will bring the most relevant visitors to your site? It’s vital that the keywords you choose are actually relevant to your website, otherwise you might bring traffic in, but no one really interested. In addition, you need to think about what kind of content internet users are searching for. Don’t choose keywords that are so obscure, no one will ever search them. Conversely, don’t choose keywords that are too general. In that case, you will be competing with too many websites, and your SEO efforts are likely to be ineffective.

After choosing these keywords, be sure to include them prominently on your website. You’d be surprised how many legal friends have asked us to help optimize their website, and we’ve found that their keywords aren’t even included any where on the page! For example, if you’d like to rank for auto accidents in Torrance, be sure?especially on your auto accident page? to have several paragraphs discussing the subject. However, be careful not to use the words too many times. Read it out loud and if it sounds natural, it’s probably okay. Even more important is to include your keywords in your titles and headers. So a good title of the page would be “Torrance Auto Accident Attorneys.” It might seem straight forward?and it is!?but sometimes the fundamentals are missed.


There are certain variables that Google looks at to rank websites in their search results. By improving your websites in these areas, you can improve your website’s placement in search engine results. However, keep in mind that these areas do require considerable work and energy. We get a lot of attorneys coming to us and asking to see results?even after only a week! Changing your Google placement takes time and diligence. If you don’t have the time to write content for your website at least once a month or the money to pay a content writer?then you shouldn’t be concerned with your SEO placement at all.