Blogs are by nature constantly updated with new content and information. That makes them a great medium for keeping your current clients updated on all the goings on in your law firm, but also to show your potential future clients that you run a transparent business and you can be trusted as you share with your clients proving that you value them in your business. This is also a great opportunity to share anything with your clients that might boost your reputation such as recent awards and honors your law firm has gotten as well as the cases that you have won and the progress of your ongoing cases.

Search engine marketing has everything to do with links pointing back to your site. That’s because in order to be considered highly relevant by the search engines, you have to prove to Google that you’re a reputable source of high quality information. There’s no better way to do that than to have many pieces of online content pointing to your website and helping you to rank for the specific keywords in your online marketing campaign.

Your firm is constantly changing and moving. While your law firm website stays static, you’re working on a multitude of different cases, meeting new people, attending events, and making additions to your team. When a potential visitors comes to your website and sees that everything is the same, they miss out on the moving energy of your firm. Use your blog not only as a place to share educational information with your readers, but also to share your firm’s latest successes and changes. This will help visitors make an emotional relationship with your attorneys and feel closer to them as they make their hiring decisions.

Allow customers to feel like they already know your firm by posting information that directly relates to cases you have taken. This will draw potential clientele in as they will feel like they already know your company without even stepping foot in to the physical office.