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Law firms with good business sense understand that potential clients prefer working with people not corporations. Peter Francis Geraci built his bankruptcy law firm online video marketing campaign in which he explained the benefits of hiring him.

According to a former president of Apple, a single existing customer has to spend sixteen times their current investment to make-up for the profits of a lost customer. Keeping customers business sustains a law firm’s profits, even during hard economic times.

A study by the Technical Assistance Research Project in the capital of the United States found three percent of customers move their business for conveniences, nine percent because of a poor relationship with the company, fifteen because of product dissatisfaction, cost or shipment issues, and five percent for random reasons. That means approximately sixty eight percent leave for what researchers claimed is the most common reason for leaving a business: perceived indifference.

Customers stay with law firms which attend to their professional needs and provide them with personal care. Building customer loyalty requires the same sensitivity as gaining their trust before rendering services.

Law Marketing Guide recommends legal professionals to add a personal touch to their customer service with hand written thank you notes.

Hand addressed envelopes and genuine postage stamps prove to the customer that the letter they’ve received isn’t spam. Hand-written notes are the most effective, but chicken scratch will break the charm of a personalized notes. If you’re unsure about your handwriting, sign the letter in blue ink so the customer knows it wasn’t printed out.
Send thank you notes after the first meeting with a client, when you exchange business cards with a potential staff member or to a client after your law firm won them a big case. Personal notes also smooth over professional missteps. Sending a note to a client after the judge ruled against them, or you filed vital evidence incorrectly shows them that you recognize the importance of your error and are committed to fixing the mistake. After the issue has been resolved, mail them another note which explains how you corrected the error.

Maintaining a professional demeanor under tenuous circumstances is the characteristic of a good lawyer, but a good businessman tries to remind their client that they’re human too. Sole practitioners and attorneys at small law firms rely on one on one interaction and personal attention to keep their customers’ business. Handwritten notes prove to consumers that you value their business.

Of course, often a hastily-written email will serve its function just fine. However, in the modern world of constantly short, abbreviated text messages and social media comments, a hand written note implies forethought and attention that other kinds of messages simply don’t have. True, handwriting is often scribbled and difficult to read, but spending the extra time to send a manually-written note will let your clients know that you are thinking about them in a caring way.

In addition, if you send a hand-written note, it’s less likely to get lost among the various emails they receive. Many people’s inboxes are constantly flooded with various work details, group emails and spam. It may be best not to associate your thanks or genuine thoughts?expressed in a simple card with a simple message?with the clutter and mess of an email. Instead, associate your firm with the values of the past by slowing down and writing something nice. Prove that a company can do business on cutting edge technology, but hold relationships the way they were meant to be maintained.

Its essential that your law firm follows up with all business that it conducts. Not only will you connect with clients that might have slipped away otherwise, but you also outshine your competitors who don’t bother to give them a note. If you don’t follow up, you’ll look bad in comparison to those to do. However, once you’ve made the decision to follow-up with your clients, its even more important to contact your client (or potential client) correctly. Remember that these people have busy lives and they may forget about you if they’re not reminded. So, we’ve covered that we believe the best way to follow up is a handwritten note. Why is this? Because when someone sees handwritten writing, they know that it came from a real person, who took time to actually think and write something personal to them. Its much more emotionally powerful with legal clients than an email or phone call.