Quality Design is the result of a number of components carefully chosen, developed and placed to ensure an optimal user experience. Attorney websites should provide the visitor with pertinent information as well as give the opportunity (and encourage) them to contact you for services.

Every Law Firms needs are slightly different which is why you need to choose a designer that has experience building SEO structured sites that have stood the test of time. Law Promo has successfully developed over 300 Law Firm websites using sound techniques and staffs a team of project managers, graphics designers, front-end and back-end developers in-house to ensure that your site goes beyond your expectations.

Legal Marketing Guide started as a pamphlet by an anonymous group of legal professionals in 2004 as part of a mentoring program with several law schools. Back then, our group of lawyers, attorneys and sole practitioners put together a three page guide to marketing law firms with the internet, based on our professional experience, and left the sheet in common areas outside of legal class rooms. Some people who read the newsletter told us how much the law firm web marketing improved their profits. Our fellow legal services companies have encouraged us to share this advice under the cloak of anonymity, which has allowed us to teach budding lawyers the tricks of the trade. Our more egalitarian members have pushed us to stave our elitism and publish our information through an avenue where legal professionals without a Harvard connection could find the information.

Now Legal Marketing Guide has created a website dedicated to posting informative articles about the business of advertising law firms through the internet. Many in the legal profession are struggling to use the internet as an effective marketing tool. Legal Marketing Guide promises to educate lawyers in the nuances of web marketing. Our website draws on the legal marketing experience of hundreds of successful legal business professionals.

Among the pages of this website, we’ve left advice and instructions to transform your website design from average to outstanding. Whether you’re interested in learning more about efficient web design or you want to get into the details of search engine marketing, we have hard-earned experience to share with you. Remember that even though you as a legal professional are constantly busy, you should never be so busy that you neglect your online presence. For potential clients, your web marketing is more important than any traditional marketing campaign.

Be sure to guide your potential clients to a targeted page. The more specific your page is, the more likely it will be to attract exactly the type of visitor you want. Your website could be perfectly marketed and beautiful to look at, but if it doesn’t ultimately provide the service customers are looking for, no matter how many visitors come to your website, you won’t make any new business. Focus instead on the function of your website and the ideal visitor you would like to bring in. What problems are they suffering from, and how might they be adjusting to them? How can you help them when they first reach your website? Offer value to your visitors so that your company comes off as educational, not promotional.