Establishing your law firm’s identity will strengthen the impression your website gives it’s visitors. Knowing that first impressions are “everything” in person, we must explore the question, is this also the case on the web? The answer is a YES, in all caps. In person, generally people make judgements quickly but there is some grace period where an endearing personality could grow on you during a first encounter. On the web, studies have shown that people are less forgiving. It just takes less than a quarter of a second for someone to form an impression of you.

Building an identity is a combination of first impressions and consistency in philosophy and strategy, certain tools like blawgs can help you build your identity by publishing unique content but in order for people to get to your blog you have to keep them on your site. You may ask how this is done and the answer is by using good design. Good design entails adhering to modern standards and aesthetics. Use original content and try to avoid using generic descriptions or stock images, this will make your site seem unique and will encourage visitors to explore it instead of closing the window. Replica watches Additionally, do not try to re-invent the wheel with your layout. Layouts of corporate websites for the most part follow a similar structure and this is absolutely intentional. Research knows where the human eye travels and how it perceives the content on your site so do try to create your identity through content, not layout.

Much like a storefront or market in your city, you have to be presentable for people to enter your store, but to keep them inside, you have to have meaningful information and content so potential clients feel interested enough to browse the aisles “navigate through your pages”. Keep this in mind when constructing your site and it should have a lasting impression.

As the internet becomes increasingly popular for individuals searching for legal services. investing in a professional and unique web design for your law firm. A law firm website will give a professional look and feel to reflect your company’s credibility and high reputation. A well-thought out and built website offers potential clients a complete understanding and image of your law firm. Other marketing materials such as a brochure can seem less interactive and limited with space to include all the information you want to extend out to potential clients.